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If you specify more than one column for grid partitioning, genfis uses the first column as the output data. inputData and outputData must have the same number of rows. options — FIS generation options genfisOptions option set. FIS generation options, specified as a genfisOptions option set. If you do not specify options, genfis uses a default grid partitioning option set. You can generate fuzzy systems.

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Datoda Temple way to memdi villagefindcluster(‘clusterdemo.dat’) Input Arguments. collapse all. fileName — Data file name string | character vector. Data file name, specified as a string or character vector. The data set file must have the extension .dat. Each line of the data set file contains one data point. For example, if you have 5-dimensional data with 100 data points, the file contains 100 lines, and each line contains five values. Tips . Using the.

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decoding .dat file using C#. Ask Question Asked 6 years, 3 months ago. Viewed 823 times 1. I need help with decoding a .dat file, actually it’s a yahoo messenger archive file. I want to implement a program to decode the conversation stored in the file into readable text, Notice that the file may have Arabic and English text. Is that possible to know the format of the file? can anyone help me find it? Thanks . c# file.

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